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Making Your Home Design Work for You

So you’ve decided to build a new home…exciting! You begin your research on home layouts and floorplans and soon discover that there are SO many options that your head starts spinning and the overwhelming gravity of how important it is to get your design right hits you.   So where do you start? What should you consider first? Our team…

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How to Build the Home of Your Dreams, Without the Headache

How to Build the Home of Your Dreams, Without the Headache In 2021, Australians are spending more time at home than ever before. With the obvious impacts of Covid-19 and more and more companies opting to have their staff working from home, having a multi-functional home that suits all facets of personal and business life is now a lifestyle essential.…

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Why the Shape of Your House Could Cost or Save You Thousands

When people think about what accelerates the cost to build a home, the obvious things that spring to mind are usually premium floor coverings, luxury stone benchtops and lavish appliances and lighting…but there is something more fundamental that may affect the price. In fact, just being aware of this little-known design feature could save you tens of thousands of dollars…

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Why Are More Than 70% of Architectural Home Designs NEVER Built?

The fact that in excess of 70% of Architectural home designs are never built might seem shocking – but when you take a closer look, it really is no surprise. The downfall begins right at the beginning – when someone commissions an Architect to design their home alone – without a builder involved. See, Architects are trained to be visionaries.…

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Pase Homes Online Management Portal

At Pase Homes, we know that communication is key! That’s why we are proud to offer our clients access to our 24/7 online management portal, Buildertrend. Using this fantastic application, clients will have constant access to real time information about what is happening with their project - right from the initial planning stages, selections, financials and day to day updates…

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Builder’s Jargon Explained

When it comes to understanding builders jargon, the list of specific terminology used day to day seems endless! This little guide should help to break some of it down so you have confidence when speaking about your new build! Provisional Sum (PS) A Provisional Sum, more commonly known as a PS, is an allowance that the builder has made to…

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Mortgage Brokers? Who? What and Why?

Mortgage Brokers. Who are they? What do they do? Why do people employ them? A Mortgage Broker is a specific type of Financial Advisor whose job is to assist their client to find the right Mortgage. As a professional in their field, a Mortgage Broker has up to date market information and takes the leg work out of finding the…

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Taking Advantage of the NSW Governments ‘HomeBuilder’ Program

By now, most people have now heard about the Australian Governments ‘HomeBuilder’ program, but let’s break it down. HomeBuilder is a limited time offer put together by the Australian Government to help the residential housing market to bounce back from the lag caused by the Covid 19 Pandemic. In times of uncertainty, the housing market is often one of the…

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Why you shouldn’t choose the cheapest builder?

Why you shouldn’t choose the cheapest builder

Let’s talk about just how costly it can be to be tempted by the lowest cost! We have all heard the age old saying of ‘You get what you pay for!’ But there is a reason this is still said so often. Whether this applies to a shirt you buy for $10 instead of $20 that instantly shrinks in the…

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