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Why you shouldn’t choose the cheapest builder

Why you shouldn’t choose the cheapest builder?Let’s talk about just how costly it can be to be tempted by the lowest cost! We have all heard the age old saying of ‘You get what you pay for!’ But there is a reason this is still said so often. Whether this applies to a shirt you buy for $10 instead of $20 that instantly shrinks in the wash or an appliance that breaks after a few uses because you bought it at the cheap department store instead of paying the extra for an upgraded version with extra warranty. The same applies to building a home!

A variation in price will lead to variations in quality. The average home build contains a number of components from bricks to tiles, taps, timber and most importantly the quality of workmanship. The way in which these components are assembled is so important. In choosing a cheaper option it is likely that there may be a lack of attention to detail, of genuine care for the clients and a lack of time allocated to the construction – meaning quick finishes and rushed decisions that turn your decision to go for the lower cost into an expensive one.

A professional builder will design your new dream home in-line with your budget and will help you to discover what is realistically achievable within it. If you are to choose a builder based solely on the cost per square meter, not only do you waste your time on comparing builders but more often than not variations will come into play, as well as  the all too commonly seen errors in workmanship and time line blowouts that only add to your cost when it is already too late to back track. Variations in cost can be driven from many factors from house design and shape, soil type, foundation costs and the inclusions you choose for your home.

Avoid being misled by comparing and choosing the cheapest cost option. Find a builder that is transparent and openly communicates with you in regards to your budget needs throughout the entire process. The extra bit you pay now will not only save on your time and stress levels – but you will be thankful later when your dream home has been built and is made up of all the right components to be your forever home.


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