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  • Building and design company – we design your dream home within a realistic budget.
  • A family business – We build high quality family homes – not just another house.
  • Fixed price contracts – Avoid the all too common budget blow out.
  • Construction schedule – plan your move-in day months prior to completion.
  • Access our custom online portal 24/7 allows you to have a constant insight during your build, meaning you are never left in the dark.

What is the difference between an 'Estimate' and a 'Quote'?

Estimates are ballpark figures based on your criteria. They don’t require the builder to go away and calculate every material and fitting and will often be only 1 – 3 pages long, and often free.

A quote for your new home involves taking your plans and completing professional estimating, contacting subcontractors and suppliers for quotes and creating a lengthy and detailed job schedule. Quotes can often be 25 – 50 pages, or even more. You should be charged for a full quote, as the builder is often putting in excess of 40 hours into ensure the quote is complete and accurate.

Remember that step 1 is to work with a builder and ask for an initial estimate to see if your project can be built within your budget.

Once I sign the contracts, will the price change?

The only time the fixed contract price will change is if an allowance has been made for an item in the contract and this is exceeded. Selections can also affect pricing – any selection that is upgraded during finalisation may incur an extra cost. We will always communicate any increase to you and will never proceed without approval.

Pase Homes - Construction

Can I access the site during construction?

We welcome you to come on site, provided that a team member at Pase Homes accompanies you. While we want you to be involved in every step of the build, Ryan and the team will always ensure that strict safety policies around tradespeople, supplies and visitors are always adhered to on site throughout the entire course of construction.

What if I want to make some changes to my home once construction commences?

Our team understands the need for flexibility during the construction phase to ensure that you are satisfied with the build of your new dream home. We welcome you to make changes at any stage, providing the structural integrity of the home is not sacrificed and the time frame is still able to be met. Ensuring that you are happy with everything before a contract is signed to avoid changing your mind can help in preventing any serious delays to the project. We care about your satisfaction and vision for your new home and allow regular site visits to ensure you are involved in the process. The team will work with you to accommodate any requests whilst still making the quality of your home and the timing of the construction process a priority.

Pase Homes - Council Submissions

How long will it take to design and build my new home?

Ryan and his team ensure a streamlined approach is taken designing, planning and constructing your new home. Ryan will discuss a construction schedule and include a nominated construction period within your Building Contract. Each home is individually assessed, and you will be made aware of and can track your schedule consistently throughout the entire process using our online portal, 24/7. Generally speaking, construction typically take between 20-36 weeks depending on your home’s variables. Variations can initiate an extension of time attached with them, when building your new home our team will make certain you are aware of any delays associated with these.

How many jobs do you build?

We take pride in giving every single project that we take on the required attention to detail, focus and time it deserves. We work with you and ensure that our team is providing a high level of support throughout every stage of our process. For this reason, we limit the amount of new homes we build at any one time and only book 10 homes into each calendar year.

Pase Homes - Contract & Deposit

When will I know my guaranteed completion date?

Upon the presentation of your Fixed Price Tender we will be able to advise you of the projected job schedule, allowing you to see the job duration. Once the start date is determined (which is dependant upon how quickly the building application progresses through council) then we will be able to advise of an exact completion date.

Can I include environmentally sustainable features in my house plans?

YES! As a fully custom builder, Pase Homes are able to work in with environmentally sustainable features on your wish list. We do often have these requests and love working with our clients to ensure the design placement takes advantage of natural heating and cooling to reduce energy consumption, use of Solar Panels where requested and making the most of the water tank and landscaping capability on your lot. Just ask us if you have any specific questions.

Pase Homes - Preliminary Design

Why can there be such a big variation in different Builders quotes?

It is very important for you to be aware of what has been included, and not included in a builders quote. For instance, it is worth checking if the costs involved with all application, approval and certification fees have been considered, as well as site costs and landscaping. There are many cost variables also if builders are quoting lower, mid or high range fittings, fixtures and appliances. It is always best to be clear about what you want and expect in your home –  and have this included in your quote, then there will be less guess work!

How can I adjust my house design to make the most of my outdoor areas?

One very popular option is to open up a wall with large folding doors. This not only maximises the natural light and ventilation in your home, but blurs the line between inside and out, really taking the design to the next level! Another option would be to weather proof or enclose your deck or alfresco area, making it a further extension of the house that can be taken advantage of all year round!


I want this to be my forever home – how can I ensure my design is flexible enough to suit me for years to come?

Gone are the days where every room was built for a specific purpose. These days, the best designs have multi-purpose rooms that allow the home to keep up with the changing needs of the family! In addition to any bedrooms, multi-purpose areas like children’s activity spaces, rumpus rooms, theatre and media rooms, studies and even ‘man caves’ are able to be modified to suit you at the time! Ensuring there is storage space, like wardrobes in these room can maximise the potential.

Have more questions? We would love to hear from you!

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