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Making Your Home Design Work for You

So you’ve decided to build a new home…exciting! You begin your research on home layouts and floorplans and soon discover that there are SO many options that your head starts spinning and the overwhelming gravity of how important it is to get your design right hits you.


So where do you start? What should you consider first?

Our team has come up with a few key points to consider that will help clear the fog and make your home design work for you!


Does the block of land have any obvious requirements?

Is your land very sloping, to the back or front that would necessitate a split level design?

Do you have a fantastic view out of one particular angle that needs to be made the most of?

What is essential?

It may seem obvious, but you need to start with the essential requirements. Once you have the basics, the rest will come together a lot easier!


Ask yourself what is non-negotiable: are you set on either a single or double story design?

How many bedrooms do you need? Is it crucial you have a second segregated living space for teenagers or parents/in-laws? Do you love to entertain and need a huge outdoor entertaining area? Do you love to cook and have a vision of how you need the kitchen to be? What is most important to you and how your family live?


How can you make the most of the house positioning?

Consider where the house is best situated to make the most of the suns position throughout the day to night and summer to winter. Finding the right orientation will not only make the home more comfortable to live in all year round, but also reduce your heating and cooling bills too! Also think about including smart features for a more environmentally conscious home, such as solar panels.


Is privacy an issue?

What is next door? Do you have close neighbours or surrounding apartment blocks? Think about the shape of your home and how it can best be utilised to ensure privacy, particularly for outdoor areas. Speak to your designer to ensure the existing external structures surrounding your block are considered.


Have a ‘would be nice’ list

When designing the perfect home for you, it is best to ensure all the obvious and essentials are at the forefront – then there will be plenty of time to focus on fitting in the ‘would be nice’ things!


Multi-purpose spaces in homes these days are a must! Gone are the days that each room needs to have a specific purpose – now you can include rumpus or children’s activity spaces that can transform into home theatres, home offices home gyms or even games rooms or man-caves with a mini bar!



It is vital that when you are designing your home, you implement the assistance of a professional architectural design and building company so you are aware of the direct relation between what you want, and the cost. See our earlier blog on ‘Why are more than 70% of Architectural home designs NEVER built?’ for more information on this.

Be realistic with your budget and what you will get for your money.



This is our teams final, and most important piece of advice: take your time!

Good things take time and it is worth putting in the extra effort and research in to get it right.


With your new home being one of the biggest financial investments of your life, don’t rush the planning to making your home design work for you. And if you need a little help, enlist the professional Architectural design and building team at Pase Homes today.

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