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Why Are More Than 70% of Architectural Home Designs NEVER Built?

The fact that in excess of 70% of Architectural home designs are never built might seem shocking – but when you take a closer look, it really is no surprise.

The downfall begins right at the beginning – when someone commissions an Architect to design their home alone – without a builder involved. See, Architects are trained to be visionaries. You are employing them to design the ‘perfect home’ – and the design is produced based on ideal criteria – often with a little extra ‘wow factor’ thrown in! Rarely will the additional building costs be considered, and before long – the cost to build the design has blown the budget and all of a sudden, the prospect of the design coming to life slip away.

By getting a builder involved in the architectural design side of your project and having the Architect and builder working together – you’ll get the best of both worlds!
There are many ways to fuse the Architects vision with the practicalities of building. Having a builder on hand to tell you how much extra time and money certain design elements may take can really be the difference between you paying the Architect for a design that is too expensive to build – or having a fantastic, affordable design that will soon become your new home!

At the end of the day, anyone you’re employing to help with your new home design should all have the same goal – to design a home that is beautiful, individual, and functional for you – while being affordable for you to build. You need to know what you are willing to spend and be open and honest with both your Architect and Builder about your budget and areas that you are happy to save in – and the areas that are important for you to splurge and spend in.

At Pase Homes we have an in-house Architectural Draftsman, Tom, who will work with you to create your vision with your budget in mind – and to offer valuable advice from his years of experience in the building and design industry. Pase Homes owner and Builder, Ryan will be present every step of the way to ensure that we are getting the best out of your design for your needs and your block of land – while staying well and truly on track with the budget!

If you are ready to kick start the process of working with a professional Architectural design and building team, call Pase Homes today.

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