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How to avoid the most common mistakes when building your new home

How to avoid the most common mistakes when building your new home!Firstly, building your new home is exciting. Choosing or developing a new home design, land and seeing it all transform into what you have always hoped for is so rewarding. However, we see so many of these exciting times quickly turn ugly when common are made. Avoid the stress, added costs, confusion and frustration by following some of our tips for preventing these mistakes!

Be realistic with your time frame!

Finding the right builder, the right plan and the right contract takes time. Rushing to a deadline that is set too soon can lead to poor decision making in regards to your new home and rushed finishes. If you are building your forever home, ensuring you allow enough time and discussing the construction time with your builder prior to signing the contract will save a lot of distress later down the track.

Know your budget!

Before you speak to anybody, you need to know your budget. Know what you can afford and how much you are willing to spend. Ensure that you disclose this amount as part of the design process for your new home to avoid creating a home design that will never be built.  Building with a custom home building specialist will ensure that they design you a home that not only suits your lifestyle but also your budget.

Practicality vs. Design

The architect’s job is to focus on the perfect house ‘design’ to suit the client’s feedback. However what needs to be accounted for is the practicality of the design. A skilled builder overseeing these plans can make the modifications necessary to save you time, money and will mean that your home is not only beautiful but functional and affordable as well.

House suits the land

Aim to ensure that the dream home you plan to build suits the block of land you plan to build on. Ensure you take into consideration aspects like orientation, dimension, natural light, privacy issues, floor plan functions and flow.

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