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Ensure a stress-free building process

Ensure a stress-free building processFinding the right builder with the right qualities ensures that your experience will be smooth, enjoyable and stress-free. Are you aware that upwards of 70% of building designs are never built? The market is flooded with builders and many of us have heard of some of the horror stories that can occur when a build goes wrong.

Building a home is already a stressful time for many. It comes with heavy financial decisions, time investment and an overall high level of commitment. Such an investment requires a professional and knowledgeable building specialist as well as a team of experts. One of the most common mistakes made is choosing a builder that takes a cookie cutter approach or lacks the personalisation required to build the home you desire. The reason so many homes fail to get built is due to the fact that during the design process there are no calculations on the costs involved and the application of the design into building procedures. Choosing a builder designer company to invest your time, money and dream home in will mean that you can guarantee a level of professionalism and knowledge from not only an architectural standpoint but also from a knowledgeable building expert as well.

So how do we define a professional? An expert? A builder that is going to enable you to put your mind at ease and remain stress-free throughout the entire process? Here are our top tips and advice!

1. Ask yourself – from the very first initial consultation, do you know the owner of the company? Do you know your builder?

Deciding on the right building company can be tough, especially when taking into account finances and convenience. The mistake commonly made by many is choosing a volume home builder when they are seeking a custom-made experience. There is an array of differences between the two – on one hand custom home building specialists work with you from your initial consultation, drafting your home designs, implementing contract and council requirements, construction and handover. More often than not, you will build a personal relationship with your builder from the start and interact with the owners first- hand. This allows for better, more direct communication, support and your home will be given the focused attention to detail it deserves. On the other hand – yes, by choosing a volume home builder you are given the flexibility of many design variations and a large range of choice in fittings and fixtures, plus a likely added save on cost. But you may be faced with an added amount of stress. You may be handed from person to person in the consultation and design process, unsure on who to contact with your questions and how to get a progress update!

2. Do your research!

You may have done a little looking online or asked others about their building experience. But doing your own research into the qualities needed in a builder is so important. Many builders can define themselves as a professional builder, but we need to know what determines this. Our guide is to:

  • Check their means of communication. How easy is it to get in contact directly with the builder? How quickly do they respond?
  • Are they an APB (Association of Professional Builders) member? This means they are connected with like-minded professionals, are invested in being knowledgeable within their industry and continuously work towards improving outcomes for the business and clients.
  • Check how many homes the company builds at any one time. It is common, especially for volume builders, to take on large amounts of builds at a time -leaving supervisors and customer service officials overworked and unable to provide you with the direct support you need.

3.  Check that your builder has a schedule!

This is a significant factor in having a smooth and enjoyable building experience. Within the building industry failing to plan and create a construction timeline often leads to budget blowouts, poor quality finishes as a result of rushed work and timely delays. When starting with your new builder it is important to ask the right questions and ensure that they have set procedures and provisions in place so that you can be at ease in knowing that a high level of attention to detail is given when building your new home.

In conclusion, if you want to enjoy the process of building your new dream home with minimal fuss, worry and added cost – choose the right builder and do your research before choosing the ONE. Avoid frustration, confusion, agony and delays by looking for someone you can easily communicate with, who is clear on their process and who you can place trust in their industry knowledge and assurance of quality work.

At Pase Homes we work with our own in-house draftsman and from the very beginning you get to meet with both the owner and builder Ryan Pase. We limit the amount of homes we build at any one time and provide constant communication through our online portal from start to finish. We are a member of APB and are constantly seeking to broaden our industry knowledge to provide you with the best experience possible. We pride ourselves in being to be the kind of professional building company you need to seek in ensuring a stress-free build of your dream home.

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